Strategic alignment to accelerate results

Take on new with more confidence

You’re not here to simply keep moving the pieces of your business along and tend to every opportunity or problem that arises.

You're here for something bigger than that. You’re setting the standard. You see a better way.

You don’t just want to spark change - you want to inspire a whole new way of working, and make improvements on multiple levels.

Change Doesn't Need To Feel Like You're Spinning Untethered

When you are working toward a bold, new vision or yearning to create something truly unique in your industry, traditional or linear approaches won’t produce the results you need.

Yet you don’t have time to try to learn it all and do it all yourself.

You are the expert in your business, field, and role. 

When we work together, you get to leverage expertise across strategy, business, functions, leadership and human development, people, innovation and change to help you:  

  • Accelerate your learning and adoption curve
  • Avoid investing too much, too little, too soon, or too late
  • Keep from moving forward with a solution meant to fix one problem, only to find it created a new set of problems
  • Know where to best apply your efforts
  • Prevent creating a cycle of fixing similar problems year after year 
  • Innovate and create at pace, while helping you to remove the barriers that keep you from doing so

"Amanda’s experience and skill in working with companies of all sizes provided an invaluable perspective for our efforts in creating clear strategy and company direction. I very much valued her inherent insight and clear thinking in helping to navigate an ever-changing and complex landscape. She has a truly unique ability to bring disparate project components into a cohesive organizational structure."

CEO of a food industry organization

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A More Systemic Approach

Strategy and data-driven. Outcome focused. Multi-dimensional. Unearths and connects the wisdom from inside your organization.

Each engagement starts with the same three steps:


Review strategy and identify key outcomes.  


Involve a cross-sectional representation of stakeholders.


Review qualitative and quantitative data across multiple levels and dimensions.

"Amanda was very good about listening and incorporating information, using it to advance our work vs. dismissing it. This is really unique. Oftentimes, people are unable to incorporate more information while also maintaining alignment with the outcome, which I’ve seen lead to very lack-luster and short-sighted results."

Microfinance organization leader

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Improve your odds of success with growth and change

Failure rates don't need to be this high.


Organizational transformation, growth, and change efforts that fail to deliver expected value


Executives who fail to deliver on expectations within 18 months of taking on a new role


New businesses that fail in the first 5 years (and 70% in the first 10)


Training programs and initiatives that fail to produce desired outcomes

Make sure critical changes have what they need to get off to a strong start - and finish. 

A proven methodology and systemic approach sets the foundation for successful change - and strengthens you for success in the long term. 

Sustain change at every level

When you're trying to keep pace with growth, it takes more than just a thoughtfully crafted strategy to take the business in a new direction.

You need to address change and connectivity across multiple levels.

If you are ready to invest in building an organization that is capable of creating something meaningful for the future, contact me to see how we can work together.

Together, we work to build the organization, capabilities, and leaders you need to stay relevant in the future.

"Amanda’s uniqueness is that she doesn't just come in and say, let's talk about your strategy. She has the perception to ask about what makes up the whole of the business, and an ability to reach a different level. She sorts through the accumulated ways of working, is nimble at strategy, and does so in an understated way - asking questions with sincere curiosity and delivering clarity of what is truly important to the business."

CEO of a food industry organization


I'm Amanda Gibson.

I work with senior leaders of mid- to large-sized organizations, successful founder teams, and outlier nonprofit leaders to align their organizations around their strategy - from vision to impact.  

Together, we bring strategy and vision to life. But perhaps more importantly, we bring people and ideas to life in the process.