Growth should be energizing. And yet change is hard. Too often, the change that comes with growth weighs us down and makes us feel like we can’t keep up. It doesn't have to be that way.

As an organizational designer, growth strategist, leadership advisor, and executive coach, I help senior leaders and organizations tackle their most complex challenges and accelerate success - particularly in times of great change. I create strategic fit, deepen leadership capacity, and shape new areas of growth and opportunity.

A typical outcome when working with me is a strategically aligned organization – one that experiences higher levels of organizational effectiveness, deeper development of capabilities, and an increased capacity to do what matters.

This is an organization that can confidently deliver on new growth, stakeholder, learning, and leadership initiatives without burning people out in the process.

Beyond creating lasting results, I aim to make work a place where people and ideas come to life. 

The approach I take follows a methodology I’ve developed and refined from 20 years of experience working with organizations as they adapt and expand into new capabilities and new markets. It uses strategy, organizational design, and stakeholder engagement as the threads that weave together purpose, vision, people, and results.

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A little more flavor around that 20 years of experience....

I've led change and people initiatives in numerous business functions – from marketing to operations – as well as multimillion-dollar strategy and innovation efforts inside a multibillion-dollar corporation. Some of my earliest experiences were in construction, tech, manufacturing, food, and agriculture. Over the years, I have worked with everyone from small founder teams to companies of all sizes and forms in over 50 countries.  

Alongside dynamic real-world practice and application, I’ve pursued a number of degrees and certifications. I have a Global MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management and a Master’s in Organizational Psychology from Colorado State University. That combines with undergraduate degrees in Finance, International Business, and Spanish from Boise State University, a graduate certificate in Workplace Innovation, and various leadership, innovation, coaching, and assessment certifications.

In combination with experience in and across numerous business environments, I lean on proven principles, tools, and frameworks when it makes sense to do so. These pull from the fields of strategy, leadership, business transformation, innovation, organizational design, executive coaching, organizational development, neuroscience, learning science, adult development, organizational behavior, and change.

From this balance of theory and practice, I’ve worked diligently to separate dated approaches that no longer serve us in today’s environment from those that still work well when applied with the right context. I also design my own tools and frameworks when needed to help organizations work through particularly challenging situations or capture additional value.

Outside of work, I am known for my love of nature, delight in travel and other cultures, and willingness to try a new recipe.

That said, some of my best work is done on a trail, in the garden, or by the ocean. 

If you’d like to explore how we might work together, please review some of my most common services or reach out to connect.

I keep coming back to Amanda’s ability to identify and name the challenge. Even when it was messy, she didn’t stray from the goal.

Leader of a microfinance organization

Amanda helps organizational leaders to effectively manage change, to think more strategically and to be more self-aware.  

VP tasked with leading a strategic transformation initiative in the travel industry

Amanda has become a trusted resource and guide that has allowed us to move faster with more confidence.

COO of a research, innovation, and investment firm